What Word Shows That The 13 Colonies Are All In Agreement On This

    In July 1848, the seneca Falls Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. It was organized by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Mary Ann McClintock and Jane Hunt. They modelled their “Declaration of Feelings” on the Declaration of Independence, in which they called for women`s social and political equality. Their motto was: “All men and women are created in the same way,” and they asked for the right to vote. [207] [208] Until the Harding administration took office, there was no action against the 1920 recommendations. On September 28, 1921, Foreign Minister Charles Evans Hughes addressed the new President: “I include an executive order for your signature, if you agree, and I transfer the original declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States, which are now in the custody of that department, under the custody of the Library of Congress. . . . I make this recommendation because in the Library of Congress, these communities will be under the care of experts trained in the preservation of archives, in a building of modern refractory construction, where they can certainly be exposed to the many visitors they want to see. On December 23, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. On 23 December, the declaration and the Constitution were removed from the sanctuary and placed between two sheets of acid-free manila paper.

    The documents were then carefully wrapped in a container with an all-lapp neutral mill plank and placed in a specially designed bronze container. It was late at night when the container was finally secured by padlocks on either side. Preparations resumed on Boxing Day, when the Attorney General decided that the librarian did not need “additional authority from Congress or the President” to take whatever steps he deemed necessary to “ensure the proper protection and retention” of the documents available to him. However, the Commission has not taken any action at this stage. After the Centennial Exhibition ended, attempts were made to secure the ownership of the declaration for Philadelphia, but these failed and the parchment was returned to the Patent Office in Washington, where it had been since 1841, although that office was part of the Department of the Interior. On April 11, 1876, Robert H. Duell, Commissioner of Patents, An Zachariah Chandler, Minister of the Interior, had written and suggested that “the Declaration of Independence and the Commission of General Washington, which is related to him in the same framework, belong to his ministry as a legacy. John Trumbull`s painting Declaration of Independence played an important role in the popular ideas of the Declaration of Independence. The painting measures 3.7 m by 5.5 m and was commissioned by the U.S.

    Congress in 1817; It has been hanging on the U.S. Capitol since 1826. It is sometimes referred to as the signature of the Declaration of Independence, but it actually shows that the Committee of Five presents its draft declaration to the Second Continental Congress on June 28, 1776, not the signing of the document that took place later. [181] In addition to his promise of equality, Jefferson`s preamble is also a promise of freedom.