School District Of Philadelphia Collective Bargaining Agreement

    1. Workers elected or appointed to full-time positions within the association or organization with which it is linked are granted leave for the proper application of these positions. The plenipotentiary resignations of the Federation are requested in writing only by the president of the association. Workers who benefit from these periods of absence retain all insurance and other benefits and continue to benefit from seniority as if they were on regular duty. Each year, the president of the association informs the school district of the salary to be paid to each worker on leave authorized with the association. The school district adjusts each employee`s salary accordingly. Once they return to service, they are admitted to the transfer they left with all the benefits and increments they would have earned had they been on regular duty. 2. Workers who are in such periods of absence may pay both their regular and periodic contributions made by the school district to all plans requiring such contributions. 3.

    The dismissal of a Federation staff member on any date during the first month of the school year is agreed before the start of this school year. Non-legal authorisation should not be allowed if it is detrimental to an educational activity. 4. When members of the bargaining unit are mutually appointed by the parties to participate in conferences or meetings or negotiations on compliance with the collective agreement during working time, they do not suffer a loss of wages. 5. In each bargaining unit mentioned below, the following restrictions apply to the number of workers on leave for full-time employment within the association: a) union leave for teachers and workers of compulsory schooling age No more than thirty-five (35) teachers, four (4) paraprofits, four (4) secretaries and three (3) NTTs. b) EU Holidays for Heads of Operations in the Food Sector No more than three (3) workers benefit from these periods of absence for each school year. c) Union Leave for Senior Employees No more than three (3) Workers benefit from these periods of absence for each school year. (d) the Union does not leave teachers by diem more than two (2) substitute teachers, to whom it is assured of a successive race mandate on the days when the negotiations of this agreement are planned by the parties during working time, are relaxed to participate in these negotiations without loss of pay.