Microsoft Customer Agreement (Mca)

    Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) The Microsoft customer contract fulfills the same thing as the MPA, but from the customer`s point of view. A unique contract that does not expire and is dynamically updated when adding products. If you want more details about these important changes in Microsoft`s agreement, we can help. In addition to your immediate advice on your Microsoft licensing agreements, our team of cloud specialists can provide clear recommendations on how best to plan your best modern data platform strategy, as well as tips on how to potentially reduce your Azure costs by up to 80%. Starting March 1, 2019, customers will be able to purchase services directly from Microsoft through a new Microsoft customer agreement. As of August 1, 2019, new and renewed corporate customers will no longer be able to acquire Azure Services through an Azure Only Server – Cloud Enrollment (SCE), a registration that applies under the Microsoft Enterprise agreement. Partner facilitates and reports customer acceptance of the agreement to Microsoft. Option 1: Customer Acceptance Partnership Certificate – Partners can confirm customer acceptance via Partner Center API/SDK or via the partner center dashboard. In Germany, the penal code (section 203) and professional regulations require that certain customer relations be treated confidentially, such as the relationship between patients and their doctors and the relationship between lawyers and their clients. These professions must guarantee professional secrecy. In order to enable these and other professions to purchase cloud services from cloud solution providers, the cloud service provider must enter into a written agreement with the customer guaranteeing professional secrecy.

    Stay tuned for this is the first of many contributions in our Microsoft Customer Agreement blogging series that will help you familiarize yourself with the new business experience we design for our customers. Over the next few months, we`ll talk more about the new business experience and explain the changes you can expect. With the MCA, you`ll probably have a new Microsoft distribution contact when you move from server and cloud recording, since the agreement process is managed by Microsoft. This new business contact is responsible for the pre-sale and transaction operations previously executed by Bytes. Monetary commitment is not included in the new agreement, so any unused monetary commitment is lost at the end of the SCE. If you work in Germany, you may need to make this change in professional secrecy available to your customers in addition to the Microsoft customer contract.