Meaning Of Uniform Agreement

    Had an older, formal employee ever come to complain because a younger member of the team was coming in a hoodie? This can be cut by a political agreement. Employees do not complain about their colleagues` informal clothing when it is described as correct in the directive they have approved. So why should you file more complaints for yourself, if you can cut them in half with a dress code agreement? Employers who pay their employees at the federal minimum wage rate (currently $US 7.25) or who use the tip to offset a portion of the minimum wage (currently at least $2.13 per hour plus tips) are most at risk of becoming responsible if they do not properly understand their obligations with respect to uniforms. This is the amount set out in the DOL Field Operations Handbook, which the DOL recommended meets an employer`s requirement to compensate employees for special uniform maintenance if, otherwise, the costs result in their wage falling below the minimum wage. As a general rule, the more choice an employer offers workers in the choice of clothes they wear to work, the less likely it is that the clothes will be considered a uniform. Neither the FLSA nor its implementing rules contain a definition of “uniform”. An example of a uniform is what Catholic students must wear. Simply telling your employees that your office clothes are “smart casual” or giving away the uniform without further information inevitably creates misunderstandings. Tim, who works as a cashier, might think that wearing earrings or a nasal piercing is acceptable under these guidelines.