How To Change A Divorce Agreement

    While it is possible to change a divorce decision without a lawyer, stopping a divorce decision may be in your best interest. Getting a change in divorce judgment isn`t easy, but if it can improve your life or your child`s life, it`s definitely worth it. Step 2. Determine which part of the divorce needs to be changed. Has the loss or gain of a job resulted in a change in income for you or your spouse? You may want to change the amount of family allowances you pay based on changes in your respective income. In general, there is no time limit to change your divorce decree. As the cost of living and employment opportunities are constantly changing, it is always possible to change your divorce decree. In other words, many states have a time limit for changing child custody agreements. Illinois courts will not review custody of the children until two years after the original executive order to ensure the child`s stability. The courts also try to decide in favour of what is best for the child. For example, if your former spouse has custody during the school week and resides near the child`s school, it is unlikely that the court will give you custody during the school week. Fortunately, if you and your former spouse agree on minor changes to custody, it may be possible to arrange custody without trial. If you want to change your divorce agreement and you and your ex disagree on the change and can`t resolve your differences outside of court, it`s time to hire a divorce lawyer (if you haven`t already).

    Your lawyer, who works with the lawyer who represents your ex, can resolve your differences, but if not, he or she will file a petition in court and a hearing will take place. At the hearing, your lawyer will present the court with evidence that justifies the need for the change you want, and your ex`s lawyer will argue against the change. The judge won`t fix a change just because you don`t like the terms of your divorce. If you and your ex-spouse decide to change your custody and access agreement, be sure to set out the terms of your new agreement in writing and receive a new court decision that reflects all the changes. Otherwise, despite what you and your spouse agree, the new provisions of your agreement are not legally enforceable, since, from the Point of View of the Tribunal, your original judicial agreement is still in force. Also get the help of a lawyer to make sure the new agreement is enforceable and properly worded.