Did Sony And Disney Reach An Agreement

    www.barrons.com/articles/sony-and-disney-agree-to-keep-spider-man-in-marvel-movies-51569606462 According to the agreements they made, Marvel CEO Kevin Feige will continue to give his production skills to this upcoming Spider-Man movie and Disney will retain the merchandising rights to the character (obviously without video game rights, which proved very profitable for Sony Interactive with the launch of a very popular Playstation 4 game). There is a decisive difference between this latest Spider-Man agreement and the one reached in 2015. This initial deal promised a whole series of Spider-Man blockbusters, while this one covers only two films. It is not clear what Marvel and Sony intend to do once these two films have been made; Will the studios return to the negotiating table or will they find a way to complete this partnership? PREVIOUS DEADLINE EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studio President Kevin Feige will no longer produce Spider-Man movies because Disney and Sony Pictures have not been able to obtain new conditions that would have allowed the former to participate in the co-financing. A feud that has taken place in recent months at the head of Disney and Sony has essentially nixed Figue, and Marvel`s future participation in the Spider-Man universe, sources said. Disney and Sony pulled out fences last night in a signed agreement. No matter what the backroom`s bad business, when this deal was reached in recent months, it was fans who today earned nearly $8 billion for these five films as an extension of the Webslinger in the films of Avengers and Captain America: The War and Figue`s Footprints on the last two Spideys. Deadline always felt that there was a possibility that Sony and Marvel would come together. Disney already has merchandising rights to Spider-Man over the past ten years. The initial agreement included five films. Tom Holland`s Spider-Man was featured in Captain America: Civil War and then swung through a series of popular and well-received superhero blockbusters: Spider-Man: HomeComing, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Unfortunately, while Holland was personally registered for two other films, this seems to have been the end of the old agreement between Marvel and Sony. A new deal had to be made to keep Spider-Man in the MCU – and for a while at least, it seemed like a distant prospect.

    Spider-man may be able to swing between skyscrapers, but his most important power might be to stay fixed. It is after a new agreement between Sony and Walt Disney that allows the superhero character to remain in the Marvel universe of movies. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have finally reached a new deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, and this is very different from their latest one. The past few weeks have been a difficult time for Spider-Man fans, with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, overshadowed by the apparent end of the Marvel/Sony deal. For a short time, it seemed that the wall-crawler would completely leave marvel`s cinematic universe.