Co Standard Lease Agreement

    A tenant or child of a tenant who is the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault may evacuate the rental unit before the expiry of the lease as long as a protection order or police report on such an incident is available within the last 60 days and there is an immediate threat to the tenant or child if the tenant remains on the site of the person who is the subject of the order. You are informed in writing of the date on which the tenant wishes to evacuate. The tenant is responsible for the rent due on the month if the lease ends, which must be paid within 90 days and cannot be repaid from the deposit until the rent is fully paid. Any part or all of the down payment can be used for unpaid rent if the tenant agrees or does not pay within 90 days. The following provisions are required, as well as proposed provisions for your colorado condo lease: Colorado imposes specific and different requirements on landlords and tenants when they enter into a rental agreement. For example, the Colorado Statute provides that standard leases may not contain certain provisions that you wish to have or that wish to explain in more detail your tenant`s obligations. However, there are conditions that are prohibited by law and may require you to pay damages if you try to enforce them. Some prohibited rental conditions include: The agreement will include all rent conditions, all additional deposits, maintenance rules, pet rules, compliance with state laws, several tenants and much more. The property owner/manager must complete the document by entering all the necessary information in the fields provided and making a privileged choice. Once completed, the document must be approved by the tenant (s) and by all tenants over the age of 18 who apply the signature (s) in accordance with all aspects of the document. No certification is required, but customers must receive a copy of all pages of the document.

    Fixed-term contracts expire naturally, but can be renewed automatically if you have an automatic renewal allowance or if you simply accept the rent for periods following the expiry of the lease.