Ashton Coal Enterprise Agreement

    Comprehensive advice on whS regulatory systems and jurisdictions for a coal loading facility and port operation for rail transport, storage and loading of coal on ships in Newcastle Harbour. He conducted a comprehensive systems and compliance review and provided training to LAS management and board of directors on compliance and responsibilities. Protesters also discussed access to the website and advice on the use of WHS legislation to prosecute protesters and counter-attacks on the website. He acted on behalf of Ashton Coal and Yancoal and company directors/officers in a high-pressure drilling incident that seriously injured a third-party employee. This included a two-year investigation by the Ministry of Mines. The aim was to participate in the questioning of approximately 25 witnesses and to respond to numerous notifications of documents and information. Jeremy Kennedy conducted an internal investigation into ICAM on behalf of Yancoal/Ashton, including obtaining evidence from experts who proved to be exculpatory and which, following extensive communication to the department, led to the absence of legal action against Yancoal/Ashton or its directors and officers. The outsourcing company and its executives were successfully followed. On 9 March, Yancoal confirmed that 46 other operators operating in the same HVO functions would also be ready. Work tension reached its peak this morning in the Upper Hunter: the Yancoal mining company is blocking union workers at the Ashton Underground Coal mine near Camberwell. But now we have everything we ask for, a withdrawal from the current agreement with a slight increase in wages – and without these vital conditions being removed.

    A spokesman said Yancoal had withdrawn the nursery assistance plans previously drawn up by Rio Tinto, both at HVO and Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW), after declaring that the working boards were unnecessary. “The proposed amendments to the arbitration issue are consistent with modern employment contracts already established in the Hunter Valley mines. CFMEU members working in the Ashton de Yancoal basement set up a picket line at the mine entrance, in conjunction with a 24-hour hiatus that began at midnight on Sunday. Yancoal Ltd (Ashton Coal) Jeremy Kennedy acted on behalf of Ashton Coal and Yancoal and the company`s directors/officers over a high pressure That followed two downtime on Friday, and was in response to questions that emerged in the process of attempting to “roll-over” an expired business bargaining agreement. Chinese miner Yancoal has been running the Ashton mine since 2009 and is a major player in the local industry following the acquisition of Rio Tinto`s Hunter Valley, Mount Thorley Warkworth (MTW) and Hunter Valley Operations (HVO) assets in September 2017.